5-7 MAY 2020
Madrid - IFEMA


Top Trends i Water Treatment

Top Trends in Water Treatment

It was not long ago when chemical clarification, granular media filtration, and chlorination were the only processes used for water treatment. But, as the availability and quality of water resources worldwide decreases, demand for new, more efficient water treatment systems rises. During the last two decades we have seen how new and alternative water technologies…

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Top Trends for 2020 in chemicals and plastic industry

Top Trends in the Chemicals & Plastics Industry for 2020

The Chemicals & Plastics industry faces winds of change marked by an ecosystem based on Circular Economy and Sustainability, Digitalization, and the Industry 4.0. In this setting, we have used Linknovate tool to identify which ones are the emerging trends that will influence the following years of the industry and identified Nanotechnology, Blockchain, and 5G…

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Top emerging trends in composites

Top Emerging Trends in Composites

Composites adoption by the industry is growing by the years, as they look for and need new ways of replacing metals with lighter weight materials. Plus, the trend say that these materials will play a major role in key markets for plastics going forward. And from the different composites’ options, thermoplastic composites are the ones…

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Waste Recovery Leaders you Must Know

In the context of Circular Economy and sustainability, Waste Recovery is a key element in reducing our footprint on the planet. These are the organizations leading the advancements. Every day there is more and more waste being generated worldwide. Not only out of personal consume, but also out of commercial and industrial activities. Waste Recovery…

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Interview with Javier Montenegre

Interview with Javier Montenegro, Starting Grant and Human Frontier winner

Javier Montenegro: “University and Enterprise Must Communicate to Apply our Technology in the Industry”. We interview Javier Montenegro, chemistry researcher in the University of Santiago de Compostela whose leading projects in synthetic chemistry and CRISPR have gained him a Starting Grant and a Human Frontier, two of the most prestigious research grants worldwide. Javier Montenegro…

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Top CO2 Capture and Conversion Leaders

CO2 Capture and Conversion Leaders you Must Know

The United States and China dominate the innovation efforts on CO2 capture and conversion. Academia (universities and research labs) is the one bringing out more records in a field that is still under extensive research. Carbon dioxide emissions from power plants and factories are among the biggest contributors to global warming. This challenge is one…

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Biowaste Valorization Leaders

Biowaste Valorization Leaders you Must Know

European universities R&D efforts plus the increasingly harsh government measures in sustainability and resource use make the present the perfect time for companies to enter biowaste valorization industry Biowastes arise from biomass processing, particularly farming and food production. They are components not fit for human consumption, like peels, leaves and stems. According to the Agrimax…

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Bioplastics Leaders you must know

Bioplastics leaders you must know

BASF, Solegear Bioplastics, and NatureWorks are the companies leading the bioplastics advancements. The United States is the country with more active organizations, followed close by Europe. One of the most promising measures aimed at cutting down our petroleum dependence is the use of bioplastics. They are in full growth thanks to the anti-pollution laws and…

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Medio Ambiente y Sostenibilidad en el punto de mira de la industria del plástico

Plastics and Chemical Industries looking for a sustainable future

Both the chemical and plastics sectors are currently affected by various social prejudices that generate a bad image of both the industry and its products. However, both industrial sectors are aware on the one hand of the advantages that their products and services suppose for the current society, and on the other, of the increasingly…

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