Turkish Working Day

ChemPlastExpo presents Turkey as the Guest Country Partner 2018. We invite you to participate in the Turkish Working Day, held on the 7th of November, which will give protagonism to the Turkish and Spanish companies operating in Turkey. The main activities include:

12:00h-12:45h Investment climate and opportunities in the chemistry and plastic

Yasemen Korukcu, Senior Advisor, Invest in Turkey

12: 45h-13: 15h


Success Story: Guzmán Global in Turkey

Yesim Kangal, Commercial Director, Guzmán Global

13: 15h-13: 45h


Presentation of the Hispano-Turkish Chamber of Commerce

Yusuf Demirbilek, Hispano-Turkish Chamber of Commerce

13: 45h-15: 30h Networking Break

Continuous growth for over 10 years

For over a decade, Turkey has enjoyed a thriving economy, with an extraordinary growth above 5%, the result of fiscal policies and structural reforms that have contributed to the strengthening of the country’s economic system.

With a total population of 79.8 million people, a GDP of 24 trillion dollars and more than 14 trillion dollars of foreign trade volume, which corresponds to almost half of the volume of total world trade. Some of the forecasts for the next years estimate export value to reach 500,000 million dollars, or 2 billion dollars of GDP (double the 857,000 million in 2016).

Opportunities for the chemical and plastic industry

With regard to the chemicals and plastics market, Turkey is the 2nd largest net importer of petrochemical products in the world after China and the 2nd largest producer of plastics in Europe. Turkey represents an attractive market for chemical companies in Europe and the MENA market thanks to the production opportunities it offers and the favourable conditions in terms of production costs. Also, due to its geographical location, Turkey is a regional centre for the production, management and export of leading brands in the chemical industry, serving as a bridge between Europe and Asia.

Success Stories

Some of the most important companies in the sector have achieved great successes in the Turkish market, such as 3M, BASF, Pfizer Schneider Electric or Unilever.