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Download the New Edition of our free report “Top Trends for Chemical and Plastics Industry”, an e-book that collects the top emerging trends in the chemical and plastics industries you should know.

Circular economy, industry 4.0, sustainability or environment are the great challenges that must be faced by plastic and industrial chemistry companies, which will bring the most important advances in the sector in the upcoming years.

The number of new agents and technologies that emerge internationally is bigger than it has ever been. Moreover, never before it has been so difficult to identify which of those agents and technologies can mean an opportunity or a threat to our company.

With this free analysis we help you identify the technologies and trends that are redefining the chemistry and plastics industry and the key agents behind them.

What can you find in the report?

In collaboration with Linknovate, using its search engine for innovation and competitive intelligence, we give you this report, where we identify and analyze the organizations, startups, countries and agents that are discussing 5 of the most important trends of the moment for the chemical and plastics industry.

  • Composites Emerging Trends
  • Engineering Polymers
  • IoT & self-cleaning filters for industruialWater Treatment
  • Water deasalination for Chemical & Plastic industries

Download the e-book now and access exclusive information on the potential of new technologies in the chemical-plastic industry and in the framework of sustainability, circular economy, and industry 4.0.

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