7-9 MAY 2019
Madrid - IFEMA

Circular Economy Forum

The Circular Economy aims to change the production cycle and move from a linear model to a closed one, which allows to reduce both the consumption of virgin raw material and energy in manufacturing processes. This new economic concept will change the industrial landscape towards a more sustainable and environmentally conscious one. That is why it has a place in ChemPlastExpo, because it represents the future of the industry, both in chemistry and plastics.

On Tuesday, November 6th, 13 experts will attend ChemPlastExpo to be part of the Circular Economy Forum. Below you will find the sessions of this Summit, save the date.

  • Towards a Model Based on Bioeconomy

    The bioeconomy, its technical and economic implications, pros and cons of its application are issues that concern the chemical sector. They will show examples of ongoing projects in the chemical and agri-food sector.

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  • Biorefinery and Renewable Energies

    What is meant by biorefinery? Today there are biorefinery projects in progress, as well as research related to the production of energy from biomass.

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  • New Alternatives Respectful with the Environment in the Plastic Industry

    One of the issues that most worries companies in the sector is knowing what the current challenge of sustainability is, and what are initiatives and future prospects for the approach.

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  • Plastics in a Context of Circular Economy

    The European Union has set a new paradigm in terms of sustainability. What initiatives will be taken and what answers companies will give are just some of the aspects that every actor within the industry will have to know to take on this challenge and commitment to the planet.

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  • Plastic Materials from Renewable Sources, Technological Alternatives, Economic And Market Aspects

    Advances in the development of cheaper bioplastics with improved properties, are advances that affect dozens of sectors and thousands of people, that is why it is important to know and implement them. They also serve for different industrial applications, especially for food packaging, among others.

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  • Technological Advances in The Recycling of Plastic Materials, Logistics and Regulatory Aspects

    In the plastics industry one of the most important issues is recycling. The PET recycling process, the recycling capacity in Europe and the challenges of the new European legislation for plastics and the advances in the recycling of thermoplastics such as pultrusion, are top-of-the-line topics for any company in the world.

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