ChemPlastExpo brings you a 3-day Congress, a space where to discover the latest emerging technologies and the most innovative solutions from chemical and plastics transformation  sectors, a mandatory meeting for any professional who wants to boost their factory to the maximum level of competitiveness and innovation.

We seek the most innovative and disruptive ideas, initiatives and solutions that the chemical and plastic sectors can offer to professionals from food, packaging, aeronautics, automotive, agrochemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, electronics, construction and industry in general.

All the experts, professionals, companies, entrepreneurs, universities or research and development centers are invited to submit their proposals to the Congress of Applied Chemistry and Industry 4.0 or to the European Congress of Plastics Engineering.

An audience of potential clients, experts in the sector and avid for innovation and tools to improve the competitiveness of your company will be waiting for you. Take advantage of the platform that ChemPlastExpo offers to publicize the news of your company.

With their participation in the congress, attendees can acquire useful strategies to relaunch their business in the digital era, improve their skills and abilities and successfully achieve the implementation of new technologies, solutions and services. Take a step forward and get open to new market exchanges, innovating and scaling up better positions against your competition.