23-25 MARCH 2021

ChemPlast Awards are intended to recognize the work, leadership and transformation of those companies in the chemistry and plastics sectors that are commitedited to innovation, sustainability and ndustrial digitalization, focusing on all business areas: development of new products and processes, quality, technology…

The mission of these awards is to encourage and promote innovation in the chemical and plastics industries. Companies, universities, suppliers, researchers, analysts, start-ups, accelerators, technology parks, innovation centers, and ultimately any professional or entity that believes in innovation and constant improvement in processes can participate in this call

The proposals that will be considered to participate in these awards must be framed in the following themes and categories:

A. Industrial leadership in the use of sustainable technologies and processes.
B. Best business initiative to face the challenge of the fourth industrial revolution.
C. Best technological innovation for development of new materials.
D. Best research project for the industry.
E. Best innovation for analytical technologies and quality control.